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I discovered Ms. Jane Zamudio not only can write poems ~ she sings amazing opera arias!

I discovered Ms. Jane Zamudio not only can write poems ~ she sings amazing opera arias!




MS. JENNIFER KERN invited us to come to the  BACHMAN LAKE LIBRARY BRANCH to do our poetry workshop. . .AKA POEM HIKE!




What amazing poets ~ our new friends ~ Carlos, Sofia, Ivan, Marta, Amiya, Ms. Blanca, Ms. Jane, Ms. Jennifer! They joined us for poetry writing exercises and poetry readings and poetry books!

Ms. Blanca writes poems and her two amazing children write amazing poems, too!

Ms. Blanca writes poems and her two amazing children write amazing poems, too!

Hey Hey Hey My name is Spike! Get ready for a poem Hike!

Do you know I am a poet? I can make it rhyme. Do you know you are a poet? Just begin, you'll do fine.

Do you know I am a poet? I can make it rhyme. Do you know you are a poet? Just begin, you’ll do fine.

You can be a Poet. Just get some words and grow it! I was going to sing you a song. But my voice is all wrong. So I wrote you a poem instead. To stick all day in your head!

I get to visit schools and libraries all for the purpose to inspire young people to write their poems for the Dallas Public Library “Express Yourself YOUTH POETRY COMPETITION”.

School’s in Full Swing! And I’m still thinking Summer was GRRReat!

I’M STILL HAPPY because back in July we visited 5 Dallas Libraries and made bunches of new friends! First, we went to Mountain Creek Parkway Library! We told stories and then everyone made themselves a Spike puppet. That was GRRReat, too!

IMG_6757 IMG_6796 IMG_6793 IMG_6787 IMG_6786 IMG_6785 IMG_6784 IMG_6782 IMG_6781 IMG_6779 IMG_6778 IMG_6777 IMG_6773 IMG_6772 IMG_6771 IMG_6761




Spring is here and Summer is around the Corner!

 Spike here.


This is May 6th in our gardens! It’s Molly Fox’s birthday! Happy Birthday Molly!

April 25: Now I did not get to go to Yesterfest to celebrate those Pioneer Days in Bastrop, Texas. I don’t understand why not. I had begun to work up some lines where I would say, “Pie, where’s the Pie? I heard there was going to be Pie near.” Or another was, “Hey Where’s the great deal on the Pioneer VHS tape decks? I thought we were going to get some great buys on Pioneer stuff. That way I could watch my favorite movie, The Lion in Winter!” But no, I stayed home and had my own party. But that’s another story. I did add this picture of me because I look like I am saying WAAAAH! I didn’t get to go to Bastrop!

I suggested we do a CRAZY picture. Here's Kamil joining us making crazy faces! That's me with the biggest mouth!

I suggested we do a CRAZY picture. Here’s Kamil joining us making crazy faces! That’s me with the biggest mouth!

April 14-17: Jiaany Girl and I traveled to Austin for the annual Texas Library Association Conference. We performed at the Storytelling Roundtable Evening Concert.


Check out my video on YouTube – Spike in Austin!
Our good friend, Paula Ellis, did the video. Thanks, Paula! Everybody Enjoy!

Springtime NEWS!

Spike here. . . Spring arrived in Dallas in March! And I’m happy to update you on all my grrrrreat happenings!

March 26 – 27:Here I am buckled in for the cross country drive going from Dallas to the Dogwood Trails Book Festival in Palestine, Texas! Here we come Mrs. Jamie King!

  Guess who else traveled with us? Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear! Looking for an opportunity to perform!


Wow! I got to give out my good advice on Friday, March 27th. We visited Northside Primary, home of the Wildcats in the morning. After lunch we traveled to Westwood Primary, home of the Panthers. I felt right at home with all those Cool Cats! Plus everyone made us feel real welcomed.


I now have more than a thousand new friends in Palestine, Texas!

On Saturday some of my new friends came to the Dogwood Trails Book Festival at Palestine Public Library. Thanks, Parents!



Me in my wig. Goldilocks – Wa-lah! And that would be Papa Bear in the red running suit!IMG_3531

Thanks for coming out to the Palestine Public Library and listening to our stories! 

logo-tsa-headMarch 12-15: The 30th Texas Storytelling Festival was in Denton! It was a SMASH-UP! Lots of friends, Lots of stories, Lots of grrrrrrrreat Tellers! I know if you were there, you would agree. If you weren’t, plan for next year. Some Smash-Up tellers are coming!


September 2014 UPDATE

Hello everyone, Spike and I had a good summer. In mid-June we traveled to the Panhandle of Texas and visited the Lovett Memorial Library in Pampa. Later in the summer we worked with students at the A+ Prep School in Plano and told stories to the children attending summer camp at the Westminster Presbyterian Preschool in Dallas. We also got to work with preschool teachers in Plano and Dallas, too.


Here I am having a lovely time telling stories with all these good people at the library in Pampa . You can see more pics in the photo gallery.


Of course, we’ve been swimming and catching up on our reading every chance we get. Richard Peck is still one our favorite authors. If you are a cat lover (as we certainly are) and haven’t read his Secrets at Sea, go get a copy. It is about a family of mice, and Mr. Peck makes funny references to cats all through the book.


If you have a favorite book, you think we need to read, please send us the information and email us at jiaanpowers@jiaanpowers.com.


We are excited about our upcoming trips planned for storytelling this fall.

This Saturday, the 19th of September, we will be at Kids on the Hill Creative Arts Festival in Cedar Hill.  Check out all the info at the official website: www.cedarhilltx.com/1547/Kids-on-the-Hill-Creative-Arts-Festival.  

Spike and I are going to be inviting kids to participate and to tell stories with us. Come on out and join us there!


In October we will be in Kilgore, Nacogdoches, and Tyler telling stories for students who are attending Region 7’s Imagination Fair and hearing great student tellers.


In November we are excited that we are presenting at the National Council of English Teachers’ Conference in Washington, D.C..


In December we will be close to home doing performances and a workshop for students at The Montessori Academy of Arlington.

Check back for pictures and updates.

Pampa, Texas: Spike reports on storytelling at the Lovett Memorial Library


Hey, it’s me Spike! Can you find me? I love it when everyone lines up so I can say hello.


I loved meeting this little girl and her friends.


Here I am reporting good advice from kids, such as, “Never let your cat guard your tuna fish sandwich!”


Here we are with our new friend.

Hey, what's the kid in the orange shirt saying?

I really wanted to know what the kid in the orange shirt was saying??

September 2014


In June a great group of people joined us for storytelling at the Lovett Memorial Library in Pampa, Texas! Look at all the stars! That would be all of us plus the ones hanging from the ceiling!

Hey, hey, hey! I hope school is going great for everyone! I had a great summer. I have to say I’m still chillin’ by the pool every chance I get! That’s one good thing about all this Texas HEAT.

I had a fine summer with reading, traveling, and did I mention, chillin’ by the pool?

Check out our photos from the Lovett Memorial Library in Pampa. Those folks are wonderful. And I got some good ideas from the kids. I’ll be passing those on in our performances.

In August we did 2 Storytelling and Puppetry workshops for about 50 preschool teachers at Isaacs Early Education School in Plano, TX and Skillman Development Center in Dallas, TX. Those teachers were GOOD.

And by the way, check out my newest video  . . . it’s me, chillin’ by the pool with my friend, Anna.