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News May and June!

I have a healthy respect for all the folks who keep up with their Blogs, Tweets, and Facebook postings as I am a here again, gone again visitor to my own Blog pages.









Coming events – May and June: Travels and lots of gardening are on my calendar. Those are two items I love and devote time to along with my storytelling. In Dallas as part of the annual Dallas Water Wise Garden tour you can visit our gardens the 1st Saturday in June. Here are some pictures of our gardens. Contact me for more information. You can see the flowers and trees have certainly benefited from all those Spring rains I’ve mentioned in my recent posts.


Raquel and her good friend made Spike  puppets. That's Sparkle with the pink hair! Thanks for being the first ones to come see  us!

May Updates! I went VIRUS on April 27th at the 5th Annual Puppetry Festival at Central Library in downtown Fort Worth! Click on our photos!

Hello I’m Spike


My name is spike and I live and work with Jiaan. I get to have a blog just like her so I get to take pictures and  write to you about the things I care about. I hope you like it!

This is me:

Spike and hhis camera

Spike and his camera

I’m looking forward to  sharing more stuff with you. OK That’s all for this time…see ya soon!