Spring is here and Summer is around the Corner!

 Spike here.


This is May 6th in our gardens! It’s Molly Fox’s birthday! Happy Birthday Molly!

April 25: Now I did not get to go to Yesterfest to celebrate those Pioneer Days in Bastrop, Texas. I don’t understand why not. I had begun to work up some lines where I would say, “Pie, where’s the Pie? I heard there was going to be Pie near.” Or another was, “Hey Where’s the great deal on the Pioneer VHS tape decks? I thought we were going to get some great buys on Pioneer stuff. That way I could watch my favorite movie, The Lion in Winter!” But no, I stayed home and had my own party. But that’s another story. I did add this picture of me because I look like I am saying WAAAAH! I didn’t get to go to Bastrop!

I suggested we do a CRAZY picture. Here's Kamil joining us making crazy faces! That's me with the biggest mouth!

I suggested we do a CRAZY picture. Here’s Kamil joining us making crazy faces! That’s me with the biggest mouth!

April 14-17: Jiaany Girl and I traveled to Austin for the annual Texas Library Association Conference. We performed at the Storytelling Roundtable Evening Concert.


Check out my video on YouTube – Spike in Austin!
Our good friend, Paula Ellis, did the video. Thanks, Paula! Everybody Enjoy!

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