Jiaan Power- A teacher and Teller of Stories

About Jiaan

I grew up in Beaumont, Texas. All of us from Beaumont have plenty of stories about friends, family, school, and wildlife. Some of us like to keep those secret!

Since 1997 I have been traveling and telling stories and providing workshops for audiences of all ages. Prior to that I taught school for 22 years where I found my passion and my niche in the storytelling world.

I live in Dallas, Texas. In addition to my love and work with storytelling and my new pal, Spike, I can often be found at home enjoying the outdoors and working in our gardens with my husband and our five cats.

By the way, you say my name, “Jan”. Here’s the story: I have always been called by my middle name. Years ago I took the “ia” from the end of my first given name, Georgia, and tucked the “ia” into Jan - my middle name. So it looks like “Jiaan” and you just say “Jan”.

Spike wants to take your picture!

"Jiaan Powers has the ability to absolutely captivate an audience from ages 5 - 105. She has been the story teller at our school's Living History Day event for 2 years now and is a favorite with everyone!"
Laura Myers
Living History Day Co-Chair
The Covenant School of Dallas"

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Pictures of Jiaan Performing