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Spike comments on the 5th Annual Puppetry Festival ~ Central Library ~ Fort Worth, TX ~ Click on our photos!

McMath Middle School 7th gr TX History Students ~ Click on the photos

Spike’s Coloring Pages

I thought you might like to have a pattern to make your own Spike puppet. I’ve included it right here! Have fun!

Save and print these Spike coloring pages so that you can make your own Spike puppets. It works best on heavier paper like cardstock. Click on the links below.

Spike with Fluffy Hair Coloring Page

Spike with Spiked Hair Coloring Page


May Update and News:

Ft Worth Library News

Hey there, everyone! What fun we had telling stories at 7 libraries in Fort Worth in April.

Everyone was friendly, and the libraries were beautiful!


If you check in with Spike’s Blog, you may be confused. He didn’t go VIRUS. I attempted to explain to him, “going viral”. There were lots of Spike cut-out puppets at the 5th Annual Puppetry Festival at the Central Library in Fort Worth.


 McMath Middle School

Thanks to Ms. Betsy Mosier and the Tejas Tellers in the Schools program sponsored by Tejas Storytelling Association. Special thanks to Ms. Anna M. Modrow! And thanks to all the kind folks at McMath Middle School!


On May 4th I traveled to Denton to McMath to tell folk tales and relate snippets of Texas history to the 7th graders. I even told a true Ghost Story. And I certainly appreciated all the good listeners.


7th Grade Texas History Students at McMath Middle School in Denton, Texas.

Here I am telling stories to the 7th graders on May 4, 2014. This is part of the Tejas Tellers in the Schools program.


Here I am telling stories to the 7th graders. This is part of the Tejas Tellers in the Schools program.

7th Grade Texas History Students at McMath Middle School in Denton, Texas

Raquel and her good friend made Spike  puppets. That's Sparkle with the pink hair! Thanks for being the first ones to come see  us!

May Updates! I went VIRUS on April 27th at the 5th Annual Puppetry Festival at Central Library in downtown Fort Worth! Click on our photos!

April News Bulletin #1 ~ Thanks, TSA Board ~ TLA in San Antonio

There are many exciting things happening in April, and I decided to add multiple posts and call each one a bulletin.


This is a run-on bulletin because first I want to say The Texas Storytelling Festival in Denton this past month was exceptional with wonderful tellers. I’m always fussing because there is too much to do, and I don’t get to do everything I want. On the other hand, I am grateful to all those hard-working committed folks who produce the festival. THANKS a million!


Now for important April NEWS:


Coming up next week is the annual Texas Library Association Conference. I can’t wait to see everyone April 8 – 11 in San Antonio. Friday morning at 8 am on the 11th, Toni Simmons, Mary Grace Ketner, and I are participating as a panel in a workshop hosted by the Storytelling Round Table. We’ll tell stories and link activities that support the TEKS and students’ success on the STAAR test. Come join us! CPE #514: SBEC 2.0

Lady Margaret and Tomlin

A Tale for Adults!

This video was made for the Dallas Storytelling Guild’s annual “Ghost Tales” event at the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas, This year the event was held the first weekend in November.  I’m telling the Scottish tale of how Lady Margaret rescues her true love from the Queen of the Fairies. Enjoy!

A Tale for Adults!